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How are scores calculated?

  • PMC Publications

    Vscore incorporates the volume of searches for a particular actor and number of mentions in articles across PMC's editorial portfolio, which is made up of over 170 million unique visitors per month. Publications included in the score consist of Variety, Deadline, Indiewire, TVLine, GoldDerby and Hollywood Life.

  • Performance Data

    Vscore is also powered by accurate and robust performance data across film and television. Box office and ratings have been converted into audience exposure to accurately measure an actor's familiarity across the US and International markets.

  • Awards

    Actors that have been nominated or won any of the following awards get improved rankings in Vscore:

    Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, Academy Awards, SAG Awards, Independent Spirit Awards.

  • TV and Film Development

    If an actor is attached to an upcoming film that's currently awaiting release, or an active pilot pickup or series pickup in TV, then Vscore increases that actor's familiarity ranking. This is the only predictive element in Vscore.

Who uses Vscore?

Find up and coming actors or the next big star with
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Actor Availability

Vscore's actor availability allows one to better negotiate talent deals by clearly and easily seeing existing production commitments.

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tools to find actors fast.

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