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THE WAY OUT Fight Or Flight Films
Drama Boxing
Production Status: Post Production
Log Line: Alex Romero is a struggling addict who takes unconventional advice from manipulative boxer Shane Collins. As Shane takes Alex under his wing and teaches him fighting techniques, Alex confronts demons from his past while finally taking control of his own life. In spite of being cautioned by his sponsor and his best friend, Alex follows Shane's guidance and finds himself walking a dark path that jeopardizes not only his sobriety, but also his life.
International Release Date(s):View International Release Date(s)
Shoot Dates from: 06-09-2021
Shoot Date To: 07-15-2021
Shoot Location(s): New York, United States
Elements Barry Jay (II) ( D, P, W )
Artisha Mann ( P )
Carl Rumbaugh ( P )
Nick Theurer ( P )
Mike C. Manning ( EP )
Sherri Shepherd ( EP )
Tessa Byford ( CP )
Scott Manley (II) ( AP )
Cast Jonny Beauchamp as Alex Romero ( Cast )
Mike C. Manning as Shane Collins ( Cast )
Sherri Shepherd as Veronica ( Cast )
Ashleigh Murray as Gracie ( Cast )
Mitch Silpa as Dale ( Cast )
Damien Diaz as Randy ( Cast )
Evan Todd as Grant ( Cast )
Alison Robertson as Detective Cole ( Cast )
Mack Kuhr as Henry ( Cast )
Nick Theurer as Brent ( Cast )

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