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OBSIDIAN Through the Woods Films
Horror Mystery
Production Status: Post Production
Log Line: A woman fights to protect her son when strange black veins begin to grow out of a wound caused by a mysterious primitive knife he found in the woods. As she tries to uncover what the veins are she soon discovers the shadowlike entity that follows him.
International Release Date(s):View International Release Date(s)
Contact Number: 1-530-786-1135
Shoot Dates from: 05-24-2021
Shoot Date To: 06-24-2021
Shoot Location(s): Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Elements Fred Grant ( D )
Curtis Smith (IV) ( EP )
Darwin Tademy Jr. ( EP )
Robert Dodrill ( W )
Cast Jason Douglas ( Cast )
Jonny Loquasto ( Cast )
Aimee Teegarden ( Cast )

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