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SOLOS Amazon Studios
Big Indie Pictures
Drama Anthology
Science Fiction

U.S. Digital
(Originating Distributor)

Series Premiere:

Season Premiere:

Production Status: Completed
Season: 1
Commitments: Series Pick Up
Renewed: TBA
Log Line: SOLOS is a dramatic and thought-provoking seven-part anthology series that explores the deeper meaning of human connection, as explored through the lens of the individual. Solos will tell unique character-driven stories, each from a different perspective and moment in time, that illuminate that even during our most seemingly isolated moments, in the most disparate of circumstances, we are all connected through the human experience.
Budget: $5,000,000-6,999,999
Contact Number: 310-573-3984
Shoot Dates from: 10-09-2020
Shoot Date To: 11-19-2020
Shoot Location(s): Manhattan Beach, California, United States
Season Number: 1
Episodic Order: 7 Episodes
Notes: 4/19/2021: Premieres May 21, 2021. 10/20/2020: Series order announced. Expected to premiere on Prime Video in 2021.
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Trailer: View Trailers
Image Gallery: View Images
Aupsices David Weil ( Creator, EP, W-Pilot, Show Runner, SD )
Sam Taylor-Johnson ( EP, SD )
Laura Lancaster ( EP N/W )
Pixie Wespiser ( LP )
Jamie Neese (II) ( CoP N/W )
Jason Neese ( CoP N/W )
William Rexer ( CoP N/W )
Zach Braff ( SD )
Tiffany Johnson ( SD )
Melina Matsoukas ( SD )
Tara Bohn ( AP )
Amy Janon ( AP )

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