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TOKYO VICE Endeavor Content
Drama Biographical
Detective Mystery Drama
Literary Adaptation
Police Drama
Serialized Drama
True Story/Event

U.S. Digital
(Originating Distributor)

Production Status: Completed

Executive(s): HBO Max: Maura Feerick (Development Exec) : +1-818-729-7468
Endeavor Content: Joe Hipps (Development Exec) : +1-310-270-4900
Endeavor Content: Patrick McDonald (Development Exec) : +1-310-270-4900

International Distributor: Endeavor Content : Prentiss Fraser , +1-310-270-4900
Commitments: Series Pick Up
Log Line: Based on Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat, TOKYO VICE is Jake’s daily descent into the neon soaked underbelly of Tokyo, where nothing, and no one is truly what or who they seem.
Contact Number: 310-270-4900
Shoot Dates from: 11-26-2020
Shoot Date To: 06-08-2021
Shoot Location(s): Tokyo, Japan
Episodic Order: 10 Episodes
Notes: 11/10/2020: Production to resume November 23, 2020 following COVID-19 concerns. 3/18/2020: Production suspended due to COVID-19 concerns. Production commenced February 4, 2020, and was set to wrap September 24, 2020.
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Image Gallery: View Images
Aupsices JT Rogers ( W-Pilot )
Destin Daniel Cretton ( EP N/W )
Ansel Elgort ( EP N/W )
John Lesher ( EP N/W )
Michael Mann ( EP N/W, D-Pilot )
Alan Poul ( EP N/W )
Emily Gerson Saines ( EP N/W )
Jake Adelstein ( Author )

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